Bahamas Immigration

The Island of Grand Bahama Short Term and Annual Work Permits. Our team meets with The Bahamas Immigration Daily for the submission of work permits for our clients.

Short Term Work Permit Procurement

When permits are required, the client shall supply ISA Ltd. with the position title of applicant, applicant’s home address, copy of the bio data page of their passport, 2 passport size photo and duration of the work permit being requested along with a completed Bahamas Short Term Work Permit Application.

Upon receipt of the above ISA Ltd. will perform the following services.

  • Prepare short term work permit request documentation for petitioning Bahamas Immigration for work permit(s).
  • Visit immigration head office to make application for work permit(s) by paying the fee and making representation for the issuance of the work permit(s) satisfying any queries raised by immigration officials.
  • Upon approval of work permit(s) visit immigration office for payment of work payment fees and collection of approval letters. Note Bahamas Immigration Short Term Work Permit Fees are scale based on job function/position and duration of permit requested.
  • Provide client with copy of work permit approval letter to facilitate travel to The Bahamas.
  • If required meet and assist arriving personnel at airport and provide ground transportation to hotel or to wherever requested.
    Ground Transportation