Ship Agents are responsible for a vessel from Appointment to Vessel Departure. We are aware of the urgent and trivial demands of Vessel Owners, Vessel Crew and Vessel Passengers. Whether at vessel anchorage, or in Port, our agents work round the clock to furnish the needs of your vessel with no unnecessary delays.

  • Ensure availability of berth for incoming vessel.
  • Arrange pilots and tugs if necessary.
  • Prepare necessary inward/outward clearance documents for Bahamas Customs and Bahamas Immigration.
  • Communicate with vessel to ensure correct arrival dates and times are provided to local port authorities.
  • Attend vessel for pratique.
  • Assist vessel’s master with contacts with local authorities and port officials when required.
  • Assist with the procurement of local supplies and services when needed (medical etc.) and make payment for such supplies and services.
  • Liaising with local authorities/officials concerning vessel’s service requirements, schedules etc.
  • Payment of all applicable vessel charges that relates to Bahamas Customs and Immigration fees inward/outward clearances.
  • Provide ship’s master with outward clearance documentation and make departure arrangements with port officials and marine pilots.
  • Pay all port related fees and charges.

Dry Docking & Refit – The present team at I. S. A. has been involved with the Grand Bahama Shipyard from its inception. Our experienced agents have participated in the construction of the shipyard and delivery of all the docks. We note that Vessels on dry dock arrive with limited time, as the cost involved increases with time spent on the dock. Your urgency is our top priority.

Bunker Calls/Tanker Attendance – Vessels requiring bunkers are services at anchorage via barge, at the Terminal via pipe and alongside berth at Freeport Harbor or Bradford Marine via barge or truck. Our agents will attend to vessels at anchorage with officials for inward/outward clearance. Supplies are closely coordinated by our team for a timely and smooth delivery by selected suppliers.