Our team of highly qualified Customs brokers are knowledgeable in all aspects of customs clearance. We do our endeavor best to ensure that all shipments that arrives with proper documentations during weeks days non holiday are delivered to the vessel same day of arrivals.

International Shipping Agency’s Procedures for Incoming Shipments

  • Visit carriers’ offices for collection of associated paperwork for incoming shipments.
  • Prepare the relevant Bahamas Customs Electronic Data Input Form and submit for customs’ approval.
  • Visit the office of Bahamas Customs for finalizing of approvals for the imports and pay applicable fees. (customs processing etc.)
  • Visit the customs department at the port for release of shipments, pay for customs attendance for inspection of imported goods.
  • Visit the Freeport Harbour to pay harbour wharfage charges and to receive out gating paperwork. (Containers and Flat Racks only). For shipment via container port pay applicable container and carrier’s local fees.
  • Pay local warehousing charges where applicable for break bulk cargo.
  • Contact company’s representatives on island to arrange delivery of shipment.
  • Make delivery of shipments.
  • For containerized shipments, upon confirmation that the containers have been offloaded, return to delivery site for collection and delivery to carrier’s depot.
  • Where applicable petitioned Bahamas Ministry of Finance for importation of goods duty free.